Junior High Winter Blast

Old Mill Point February 17 - February 19, 2023

Our Winter Blast weekend retreats are specifically designed for Senior High and Junior High church youth groups to explore core themes of God’s word, find rest in God’s creation, and enjoy several snow-filled activities, like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and broomball. We wish to provide as much opportunity as possible for youth groups to get away and have a spiritually enriching experience.

Interested in bringing your church youth group? Youth Leaders can contact [email protected] for more information on how to register.

Guest Speaker: Jamey Nichols

Pastor Jamey Nichols and his wife, Michelle, are from Stanton, MI. They have three adult children who are each married, living, and working all over lower Michigan. Their request for grandchildren is currently on backorder.

Jamey has been involved in church ministry as a youth pastor, an assistant pastor, a senior pastor, and most recently as a specialized interim assisting churches in various forms of transition.

He is a rural farm boy at heart who also loves music, movies, and his morning coffee. He loves the Word of God and especially enjoys teaching it to people of any age.

Weekend Itinerary


6:00-8:00pm Snacks and Registration

8:15 Introductions and Worship

9:30 Broomball, Campfire, S’mores, & Hot Chocolate

10:30 Back to rooms

11:00 Lights out & quiet


8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Youth Group Devos

10:00 Session ONE

11:00 Youth Group Breakout

12:00 Lunch

1:15 Free Time

5:00 Dinner

6:15 Session TWO

7:15 Youth Group Breakout

8:15 Group Games

10:30 Back to Rooms

11:00 Lights out & quiet


8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Youth Group Devos

10:00 Session THREE

11:00 Youth Group Breakout

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Departure